Aug 19, 2009

Good Article

Source MomDot

10 reasons I didn’t comment on your post:

I have a kid on my lap and can’t type around her

I’m reading from Google reader and didn’t click through

I’m short on time (what else is new)

I agreed with everything you said and didn’t want to just post “I agree!”

I disagreed with everything you said and didn’t want to offend you

Your post was more like an article and it didn’t feel open for discussion

I had my brain ‘shut off’ and wasn’t really digesting what I was reading

I got interrupted and didn’t finish reading your post

I was foiled by the captcha or some other technicality and gave up

You already had 100 comments and I didn’t want to read them all to make sure I wasn’t repeating or missing something important

What’s the #1 reason you don’t comment on blogs you read? Let me know!

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Patti Edmon Artist said...

I notice lots of comments on this post:)
I try to always comment if I've spent even a few seconds and don't have much time. I think it's so valuable to take time, let an artist/blogger know that you enjoy, appreciate, relate to, like, whatever is in the post. It seems like I get the most comments when I 'post from the heart' and I appreciate every one of them. Thanks for taking time to shed light on this..