Aug 27, 2009

I won!!

Over at Art By Canace I won a new blog makeover Oh every girls dream for a makeover :D
While there check out her awesome work she does amazing things!

Aug 19, 2009

Blog BG Giveaway

Art By Canace is offering a free customized blog BG to one lucky winner ... click the pic to learn more

Bella Blvd Giveaway


Good Article

Source MomDot

10 reasons I didn’t comment on your post:

I have a kid on my lap and can’t type around her

I’m reading from Google reader and didn’t click through

I’m short on time (what else is new)

I agreed with everything you said and didn’t want to just post “I agree!”

I disagreed with everything you said and didn’t want to offend you

Your post was more like an article and it didn’t feel open for discussion

I had my brain ‘shut off’ and wasn’t really digesting what I was reading

I got interrupted and didn’t finish reading your post

I was foiled by the captcha or some other technicality and gave up

You already had 100 comments and I didn’t want to read them all to make sure I wasn’t repeating or missing something important

What’s the #1 reason you don’t comment on blogs you read? Let me know!

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Aug 18, 2009

I Want a new Blog Name

I am sick and tired of my Blog Name

I am thinking of changing it to something else... whatcha think??

Aug 14, 2009

Got a New Do

Going for Meg Ryan only brunette!!

Aug 1, 2009

Michaels Coupon

Heres a Michaels 40% Off coupon in pdf for my ART friends.... print the sheet off and check out 10 times....

Click the image for your pdf to download !! There are 10 coupons for you to go back and get more. Cannot be used in the same purchase go back later that day or go the next week. Expires August 8