Jun 3, 2009

Enchanted Adornments (Pre-Order)



Enter the fantasy fairytale world of Green Girl Studios, where every charm has a story and each piece of jewelry is filled with magic.

Jewelry artist Cynthia Thornton combines her love of storytelling with a wide variety of innovative jewelry techniques in this book meant to teach unexpected ways to create unique pieces infused with personal meaning.

Presented in the style of an artist???s journal, the book includes watercolor illustrations and enchanting design sketches by the author and is richly infused with quotes, tips, and tricks.

* Discover the secrets behind new and innovative techniques for creating mixed-media jewelry with resin, PMC, polymer clay, wire, and more
* Learn Cynthia???s signature techniques for mold-making and stone setting, bead making with polymer clay and PMC, and creating your own custom jewelry components from resin pendants to PMC clasps
* All basic techniques are accompanied by step-by-step photography

Challenge yourself with creating the 20+ projects ranging from delightfully simple to exquisitely ornate. Along the way you???ll gain valuable insight into Cynthia???s design process for giving each piece of jewelry its own magic. Each project features its own fairytale introduction and project instructions are illustrated by Cynthia.
Table of Contents

Introduction ??? Finding inspiration and creating personal symbols

* Look Books and Inspiration Boards
* Documenting ideas in a Sketchbook

Basic Techniques

* Workspace setup and safety
* Wirework
* Polymer clay
* Resin
* Chemicals and patinas
* Mold-making and basic sculpting


* Owl ojime with cabochon eyes on a wirework necklace
* Bracelet with nail-head studded beads
* Cabochon studded egg earrings
* Shrink film and polymer petal earrings
* Stamped charm and crystal necklace
* Vine necklace with drawn bead wires and crystals
* Bird-stamped earrings with crystals
* Bead caps wire-wrapped onto hollow glass beads filled with charms, stones, drawings and text
* Stamped crescent pendant with polymer beads and crystals
* Silver branch links, using texture plate and mica leaves
* Ring inset with beach glass
* Bezel pendant necklace embedded with wire spirals and secured with clay balls on chain
* Hollow pendant with watch crystal prong set, holding stones and crystals inside
* Wire-wrapped ring with dangles and bezel set with stone
* Flower corsage cuff using polymer, mica, wire and crystals
* Wing bracelet using wire and transparencies of wings coated in resin
* Resin pod necklace on chain using molds and dyes
* PMC bezels filled with powdered gesso and polymer mix with watercolor on top, encased in resin
* Sculpted and molded heart pendant poured in clear resin with text inside
* Keyhole locket with decorative bezel and painting encased in resin

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