Jun 7, 2009

Craft Show!

Well there was tons and tons of people there... the weather was AWESOME could not have had a better day. A little windy some tents blew over, a lot of my paper crafts blew away without damage. I was in a perfect location right on the sidewalk where pretty much everyone had to pass me to get to the rest of the show, there was about 30 booths....
It cost me $40.00 to have a booth. I spent 3 weeks making lots of goodies, everything from cute blank note cards, Xmas cards, Halloween cards, Gift Tags in every flavor. Cute handmade scrapbook embellishments, paper posies, large flowers, cupcakes. I made gift card holders which by surprise were a hit. I had handmade journals with chipboard and binded them all up. My collage sheets and some atcs to show art. My magazines lots of other scrapbook or ART embellishments from K&Company..... 3 long 8 foot tables full to the max... I ran out of space so had to keep some stuff in the boxes until I had more room. I Also had some coasters I made and some really cute magnets. I had so much stuff. Everything was labeled and tagged and had pretty ribbon and bows wrapped around it.. its about presentation if its looks cute and pretty its more appealing tot he eye to buy... RIGHT??
Craft Show started at 9 am it started out HOT I made $35.00 before noon and WAS so excited wow can I keep selling? Guess what? NOPE! Not one sale after that. It sucked so bad I was so embarrassed people walk by me and roll their eyes, ask what is this and I say its a handmade scrapbook embellishments (with a huge grin so proud of myself I made these cute flowers) they say O I can buy these at Joann's... WHAT? No these are handmade by ME much better than Joann's and such. No thanks! How can people be so rude. I had one woman walk INTO my booth and look around and say to her darling husband "O more junk" UGH! I cringed trying to hold back myself from slapping her!!! I had posters up about handmade items come from the heart and are made with love. A cute banner I made and printed about PID and my etsy.
I had the worse weekend of my life! I was embarrassed, depressed all day got SEVERE sun burn ended up being sick from it and its peeling already from Saturday. It was just awful.... some do not understand handmade items I guess they just wanted to buy the china made that others buy and resell for 3 times as much. It ended at 6 I Called my husband at 5 please come and get me, I cannot stay here any longer. He came and felt so bad for me I cried about it Yes I know lame but I spent so much time on my goodies everything was handmade by moi minus a few stamps and K&Company


Pink Elephant Soapery said...

Aw Mel! They just don't get it. I heard from friends over the weekend that were there and they told me your booth was awesome and so were all the pretty things that you made. Consider that it was Springville, what do they know! Hang in there girl we all know that you are talented!

Amanda said...

I was at the festival on Friday (before you were set up) and I can tell it was the people and the festival that were the problem, not your art! I'm not going to speak poorly of an entire town, but the festival was one of the worst I've been to. The people I encountered were dirty and rude. Unfortunately, I'm not surprised by your experience after seeing this crowd. I assure you, it's not your goods, it's the venue. It was a learning experience for you- now you know how to stock your booth and set up! Take your beautiful wares to a festival of like minded people, it'll go well there. I love your stuff, don't mind your town's opinion! Keep doing what makes you happy-you're good at it!

Mel♥ said...

Hey Amanda thank you for your kind words!! Yes big Ol Springville is a little hole in the ground hick town... It was horrible this year prob a quarter of the size from last year. There is usually about 50-60 booths this year maybe 30-40 IF that! Its more about the farmers crafts and garden decor. I plan to list all my items on my etsy I know my online friends will appreciate it more :D Thanks again!!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hello, hope you find this comment as it is kind of late, I guess. I've been away and hadn't visited for awhile and was reading through your blog and found this post.

I have pouty lips for you - I feel so badly that you had a bad experience. I have never had the guts to sell my stuff in person. I've been to shows as a customer and heard comments from rude people and just never wanted to put myself out there for that very reason. Partly because I'm afraid I couldn't keep my mouth shut. When I was studying art, I learned that even some of the most famous and popular artists today, had their fair share of people saying things like "Anyone could do that, what's so special?" Well, the fact is the person that says that kind of thing isn't doing it and doesn't realize they probably couldn't do it if they tried. People just don't realize how awful and ignorant they sound. They are wrong in acting that way and you should walk away knowing you are a better person . . . with talent! And be proud you put yourself out there and survived.

I think the trick is to find the right venue with the right crowd expected to come. And that is sometimes a trick indeed. But you won't find it until you look. So, hang in there and keep trying! I would've told you how beautiful everything was! Hope the sunburn is better.