Jun 15, 2009

Busy Weekend - Can I take a break?

This weekend went by quick but also pooped me out. Friday my hubby went to get a new fish to replace the one that died the day before for my boy. He bought a 25 gallon tank and not one but two fish. Oy Vey! The boy decided he would give one to his lil sister how sweet! Late Saturday night Lil Sis fish died :( How sad! The boy thought it was sleeping until he saw daddy take it out, put it in a bag and in the FREEZER!!!! Yes I said Freezer! Yuk!

So now Sunday afternoon the Oldest (13) had a soccer game in Bradford PA and was starting goalie only let 1 goal in but DH said she rocked. I missed the game I stayed home one to package orders up from my sale and clean house. I check out the new fish tank with now one fish left and hes not doing so good... Ugh! 3 fish in one week.... Husband comes home and the fish is dead. Poor fishes, so here we go fish 2 in the freezer. How gross!


Anonymous said...

Poor fish! You never know how kids are going to react to these things. When I was in kindergarten one of my goldfish died while I was in school and my mom was frantic with worry how I'd take it. She broke the news and says (I don't remember) my response was, "can I flush it down the toilet?" LOL!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

As Tumble FISH studio, I am sad to hear of my poor little finned friends meeting their demise! We had to take care of the class turtle years ago and it of course died while we were on vacation and a neighbor boy was supposed to be taking care of it. Not knowing that at the time, when we came in the house that first time after the trip, I was genuinely excited about how much the turtle had grown! My husband and 9 year old son figured out right away what happened (the neighbor had replaced it with another turtle) but it had to be explained to me! hee hee I am so gullible, so want to believe the happy thought! Hope you have better fish luck!