Jun 8, 2009

A boy and his fish

Went to the Dairy Festival today to see all the totally rocking rides....


There was only 2 rides for the oldest and about 6 crap rides for the boy and lil sis. Not fun but very expensive.

The boy and lil sis went on a few rides together ... lil sis screamed when each ride ended and daddy had to go in and take her out and pry her hands away. She did go fishing with the small fishing pools each one wins a prize. She was more excited about the shark she pulled out rather than the stuffed animal... like we need another stuffed animal.

The boy won a bunch also from throwing darts and tossing for a fish. We spent $5.00 for 35 balls and not one went into the fish bowl.. seeing how it was the last day of the festival he gave the boy one.

We named him Garfield.... they played together laughed together and he even sang his fish a song. How sweet!! Only one tap of food for Garfield each day otherwise he may get too big for his tiny cookie far I used to put him in.

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