Jan 20, 2009

Progress Is Beautiful… Change Has Come…

I just have to blog about today's inauguration… this has been an amazing day for sure!!!

The people the nation coming together as one… its amazing how one man can make this all happen. Even with all the controversy if that's the right word. I did vote for Obama and am proud that I did. I did not vote for him because he was a black man. I voted because I believe in his views and where he stands, I do believe he can fix us, us as a nation. It just so happens he was black man running for presidency. I am hoping he can help me with my children's future I do have 4 of them. The president signed three documents soon after his swearing in Tuesday.

I saw a girl on my local Buffalo news today that said if he can be president she can be a nurse!! She is a black young girl who thought she had no future until today. How her whole idea of life changed right before her eyes.

Buffalo has a high poverty rate and there are so many people with no future, no job no nothing. Today that all changed for them.

A practically homeless man managed to raise enough money from Buffalo collecting pop cans, and holding his cup for months to get on a bus to see Obama sworn in. He could not get in the lines were too long but he made it to DC and that's all that mattered to him. He does not care if he makes it back to Buffalo where he has nothing he believes that he made it this far and Obama made that happen for him he can do anything. Update on him he has a job interview with a garbage company in Washington this week. How about that??

This life changing experience has changed my whole view on things. Honestly I do not believe he won because of his skin color I believe he won biased on his views and what he has said and DONE thus far, which happened to be coming from a black man. That's all I have to say about that!

President Obama renewed his call for a massive plan to stimulate economic growth.

The United States chose "Hope Over Fear"! President Barack Obama!


Anonymous said...

I second what you said! Hope over fear....always the best choice.

Latharia said...

I am also extraordinarily excited & feel that for the first time in a long time, we have a person with integrity in power!

Linda M. Cain said...

Great writing! My son was there leading his HS band, and he said it took your breath away...the sea of people was overwhelming.
Here's to a better tomorrow!
I LOVE it!