Jan 14, 2009

Fat Book Pages

We are having our first 2009 Swap and it is a Fat Book Swap! Well more of a not so fat book, we had 13 players sign up not too bad for a first time run. Next time we will have more after they see what they missed! Remember if at any time you want to join in our swaps please join our yahoo group.

Here are some examples of my Fat Book pages they are 4x4 and the theme is Vintage Valentines and to do a background technique I chose distressed papers with paints. What ever that is ... well all it is paint your background papers with different paints and techniques and distress a little, i did so with my distress inks.

Here are some of my pages and hopefully this will answer any questions you may have when making pages for a fat book or when binding at all!

Ok first I got the NEW Zutter Bind-It-All and it ROCKS!! Well worth the investment and well worth the everything it does.

Ok Back to the pages, the instructions are to not put any metal embellishments or heavy items on the left side of your fat book pages at least 1/4 in out from the edge. Make sure your pages are on some heavy card stock or chipboard. I used light weight chipboard and glued my card stock to that. If you want to make your pages 3 3/4in x 4in you can do, and glue them to 4x4 chipboard. That too will work!

Here are a few of my Pages:

As you can clearly see the punched holes for binding which is done be me. Those holes are approx 1/4 - 1/2 in inside so this is why you cannot embellish with heavy items on this side. I have light weight embellishing so it was ok to punch.

Light weight embellishments are card stock, stickers and other papers but not layered multiple times. Heavy embellishments that will not punch through are metal, epoxy stickers, charms, fibers, ribbon and glossy accent will crack badly it layered on your pages. I already found this out ;) O and I will be using 3/4 in rings in black!!

Have fun making those pages !!! I hope this helped with anyone's Qs you may have had!!

PS: Email me for the sale on the Zutter Bind-It-All .... melissa at paperimagerydesigns dot com
its such a big sale I cannot post it!!

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Kim Mailhot said...

Your fat pages are gorgeous ! What an exciting book they shall make ! Enjoy your swap !