Sep 15, 2008

Ike's leftovers came to visit me!!

We had a little visit from Ike's leftovers in my area. I live in NY and we are known for Snow storms and blizzards. But when there is a hurricane anywhere we usually get the after storm and its awful. We had a high winds warning in effect with winds up to 80 mph. At the school here they have a weather station and they reported in with 100mph winds. I went outside around 10:30pm and the wind literally took my breathe away. My husband thinks he is invincible and when he heard more trees cracking and a small one fall he said "oh sh**" and ran! LOL! These were taken in my backyard this am. This first picture is the base of a tree ripped out by the roots right from under the fence between my yard and my neighbors. We put the wood there so the fence did not fall over.

Here is a tree ripped in half or snapped in half.

This tree is supposed to be in my yard. The roots are in my yard and they got ripped out completely. Amazing my basketball net is still there. This tree or the roots used to under my kids playhouse my DH built 5 yrs ago. You will see how close in another picture.

Another tree ripped out by roots in my yard.

This first picture is the branch that landed where my truck usually is. DH moved them last nite to avoid damage. Its a good thing it would have been in my windshield. We have moved it out back away from my back door.

The next pic is the tree that is by the fence, its a big tree and it missed my swing set by only a couple feet. That pic coming soon.

Here is the top of the tree and look how close it is to the kids swing set... Missed by about 2 or 3 feet. AMAZING!!

This picture is of the HUGE tree that hit my garage. The roots of this tree are 2 houses down and it still hits the garage. Thats how tall this tree was. I don;t see any damage to my garage but I won't open it to find out. With my luck the whole will come crashing down. This is the tree that fell from my yard and landed in the neighbors yard.

Here is the tree that was under the play house. Lifted right out from under and did not even move the house. I would have been so upset if it ruined that house. DH built that 5 yrs ago in a snow storm. The kids wait for the bus in freezing cold weather so he made them a house to stand in. We now use it as a playhouse outside for them. And here is my little peanut Maria standing by the big tree. She's almost 2 and this root is huge next to her.

A closer look at the roots of this sucker, and really how close and amazing this is.

Last pic is of the swing set and the tree that almost hit it.

I have to say I will live with Blizzards and freezing cold temperatures ANY DAY!! I could not sleep last nite. DH was worried about another tree that could fall down and it is right next to my house. No thanks to living in Hurricane areas. I could not even imagine possibly loosing everything and having to rebuild all the time. I hate the cold but definitely prefer it.

I am positive we had a tornado here. We get them quite frequently when there is a hurricane somewhere else. There is a path in my yard that started the next block over and its open where all the trees came down or twisted. It ended in my yard, so it must have lost its force. Out of all my neighbors mine is the only one with 5 trees down. The rest have NONE!! The other trees are behind my house....

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