Feb 25, 2008

Pink Artist Squares

I finally finished my Pink Artist Squares!! For someone who normally doesn't do sewing or fabric this was a challenge. If your not familiar with the Pink Artist Project click this button

Anyway here are my squares for this project!! I scanned some work and then printed it out and made patches out of it. Then I stitched on a back and some beads and voila!! These squares are 2x2.


Inka said...

They are amazing! I love the colors too! I really want to try this when I grow up to be a real artist :)

Healing Expressions said...

What sweet squares! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your encouragin words! Creative Blessings!

dianeclancy said...

This are lovely!! So beautiful!!

~ Diane Clancy

Lee Weber said...

very pretty- nice job!!

girlgonethreadwild said...

Stunning lil works of art & the color is fun, fun, fun to boot! Thank you for sharing these on your blog, I'm impaient and wanted to see Ur beauties NOW. lol

Love that you stepped out of your comfort zone too to create with us. Love it! Art on, Monica

melicia's fiber art and mixed media said...

Oh, what sweet little squares. Lovely color.

Unknown said...

I sooooooo love this, they are magical!!!!