Jan 14, 2008

How I caught a Jar Fairy!!

It was warm out the other day ... can you believe warm enough for no jacket here in Western Ny in January! Any way my son and I decided to go outside for a walk and there in the grass I saw a fairey ring. I said to him:

If you see a fairy ring
In a field of grass,
Very lightly step around,
Tip-Toe as you pass,
Last night Fairies frolicked there
And they're sleeping somewhere near.
If you see a tiny fairy
Lying fast asleep
Shut your eyes
And make a wish,
Do not stay to peek!
Do not tell
Or you'll break a fairy spell
Author Unknown

Christofer says to me mommy can we catch a fairey? So I say why not. This is how we caught that fairey!

Due to some difficulty by some of my visitors I removed the tutorial embedded and placed the link to watch it off of my site. Sorry!

Christofer loves this fairey so much that he wants to open the jar all the time and feed her and hold her. I keep telling him that we can't open the jar she will get out, (besides it's glued shut)! I found her a couple times in his room on his dresser. So maybe next week we will have to find a boy fairey for his girl fairey to have a friend.

Thanks for looking!!! Comments welcomed!!

My fairy is called Water Goblinglow
She is a bringer of riches and wealth.
She lives near bubbling brooks where Lords and Ladies and Cuckoo's Pint grow.
She is only seen in the light of a full moon.
She wears deep blue dresses. She has gentle green wings like a butterfly.


Unknown said...

absolutely delightful - the magic of childhood reigns supreme with a little fairy magic!!!!

JeanM said...

Love the fairie jar idea. What a great thing to do with your son. I will have to hunt up a jar and catch my own!

Pink Elephant Soapery said...

Ah that Christofer knows what is good. You definitely need to make a boy fairy!! I bet a fairy made with his image would be supreme! Let us know how it turns out.

Moonwillow said...

Awsome Fairy Jar! That little jar is so cute too, I will have to try this on my Grandson, he is very imaginative too. Your little story made me smile.

Michelle McGee said...

My daughter is obsessed with fairies right now with the new Spiderwick movie coming out... she would love this!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, whimsical jars!

Dragonlady said...

Love your fairy story and you are making memories for your son...
awesome fairy jar and I know it will be enjoyed for a long time..

Tabitha the KnittingJourneyman said...

such a lovely poem and a terrific jar in which to keep a fairy
and thanks so much for showing us how to catch one too :-)
my 6yo is now off to catch one of her own--it's like her dream come true :-)

Babytreese said...

Awww...she's lovely!! Thanks so much for taking the time to show us the steps! I have a mason jar and will try this soon! How did you glue her in place?