Jan 29, 2008

Fairey Land ATCs!!

I stumbled across this awesome site Inka Stamps a few months ago that has a lot of these really great collage sheets and stamps and great prices! I really wanted to buy some and realized I just have no room for anything else. So I decided to get rid of a bunch of my stamps I no longer use or even want! Thanks to the ladies who purchased some of my stamps I bought more goodies!! :)

Anyway when I was shopping at this great site I found some freebies on it. So I figured I would use some of her freebies while I impatiently wait for my package!!

Thanks Inka for the inspiration!! I love Faireys and so does Inka we make a great pair!!

EDIT: I added another ATC!! Having too much fun tonight!!


Dawn said...

Beautiful ATCs, glad your clearout was useful :p

Inka said...

Oh my gosh! these are just too cute to believe! ...lol Love them!

altered melissa said...

thanks dawn and inka!!!

Kat said...

Love your ATC's Melissa. Great job.


Ursula said...

Wow gorgious Atc's!!!!!

greetings Ursula