Nov 16, 2007

New Challenge Site!

Inspirational Muse

A friend of mine has asked me to post about her new challenge site! Its called Inspirational Muse!

This is from the site:

Each week we will feature an artist! We will ask that artist to submit a piece of Art or to create something new. Tell us what inspired you to do that piece. Was it the image you choose, the stamp or a certain technique? That artist will then choose the challenge theme for that week based off the work you submitted! We will then write up a little blurb about you and your artwork, and post a link to your site for others to visit and be inspired!

Each week we will hold a challenge, theme to be decided by our featured artist. What is your muse telling you about that piece? What is inspiring you to create?

We will also have challenges using our copyright free images. The challenge will be that you have to use the image we put up for you to download. What can you make with this image? What is your muse telling you?

Be Inspired, Create Art

Basically what will happen is an artist will be featured each week. That artist can either submit a new piece of work or post one that they already have. Inspirational Muse will then write up about the artist and show the artwork of the chosen artist! They will post a link to their site for your viewing! The challenge is to create using the theme the featured artist chose when they created that piece.

Inspirational Muse will also have challenges where they upload some images for you to use in your artwork. What do you see and what can you make with this image. To see what we each interpret from this image!

Sounds like fun to me!

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