May 9, 2005

This card I made using Stampsmith stamps. My daughter helped me put it all together. She also came up with the title.Posted by Hello


The Joyful Artist said...

Melissa ...I love your art and this Great card. It's great that you and your daughter worked on it together. At the moment my pre-teen girl and I are on the outs. One day soon hopefully We will have a nice girl talk. p.s. thanks for leaving the comment on my blog (cin's3cents)
Have an ArtFull day

Anonymous said...

I love this card!! I think I'm going to have to get this stamp, way cute! I've enjoyed looking through your blog, you have some beautiful artwork displayed!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mellissa,
just found your page - wow, what a creative year huh? I just found ATC too, and I'm SOOO HOOKED on it! This card is great, and so is your site. Thanks for charing!