Dec 27, 2004

I had to just put him in here, my beautiful baby boy. Posted by Hello

Dec 19, 2004

Love Letters
This is the card I did for the Hero Arts Winter Messages Contest. It goes along with the lo below. Posted by Hello

Dec 17, 2004

Your Only A Stamp Away
This is the lo I did for Hero Arts Winter Messages Contest.. Posted by Hello

Dec 16, 2004

Anything Goes
ATC's recieved on a swap at Scrapbooking Resource Center Posted by Hello

Vintage Angel Swap
These are the ATC's I recieved from the Vintage Angel Swap from Artist Trading Cards Yahoo... I can't believe how wonderful they are!!Posted by Hello

Dec 15, 2004

Christmas ATC's
These are ATC's made by my daughter, Rachel who is only 9....oh uh what have I created!!! Posted by Hello

Vintage Angel
These are the Vintage Angel ATC's I made. Posted by Hello

This is my version of my ANGELS......Rachel who is 9, Joelle who is 6, and Christofer who is 16 months.Posted by Hello

To Shop is to Travel
This is just an AB I made one night playing around instead of cleaning my craft room...using napkins as the background, and Hero Arts Stamps Posted by Hello

Grace Darling
This is the AB I did at SSReflections to celebrate their First Anniversary Sail-abration Contest, I submitted my first AB spread. As soon as I saw that picture with Grace Darling in the lifesaver it....I knew it was an awesome pic to use. Posted by Hello

My Father My Friend....
This is hunting season in 2002 for my husband, his dad and brother. They got 19 deer that year....WOW can you believe it! Too bad I didn't eat deer meat.Posted by Hello

Little Boy
This is a lo I did of my beautiful baby boy Christofer.

If you have a little boy
All your very own,
Then you have enough and more
To make a happy home.
Posted by Hello

Country Garden
This is a Layout I did that won first place in a contest sponsored by Annalisse at ScrapBooking Resource Center I was so excited...It was the first time I actually one. The contest was based on "Summer's End" So I did a lo of pictures from my garden. Posted by Hello
ScrapBook Pages

In April, 2003 I got married, just befor that I was introduced to Scrapbooking. How fun is that? Instead of putting all your treasured memories into a box to get ruined or torn.....Put them in an album, with embellishments and designs. It is alot more detailed than that but you get the idea? Now about a year plus later I still have not finished my Wedding album yet....But I am slowly getting there, it does take time and patience to get it just right. With having three children my time is precious, I don't get alot of it. (at least not untill they go to bed lol)

Altered Art

Now I am learning about Altered Books and Art. Altering a book? Is that illegal....NO!! Why would it be..You are just making it more beautiful and exotic. Just by stamping or using napkins, and painting. A book is no longer a book it is a piece of ART.

Artist Trading Cards

Just this past year I was shown a new road to Artist Trading Cards aka: ATC's. WOW! What an experience. Making your own piece of ART the size of a baseball card? Who would have thought? Certainly not me!! I did my first ATC for a swap....I have to admit they turned out pretty darn good, for a first timer.